Naturopathic Medicine:

Primary care
     •We provide primary care to meet all of your health 
     care needs. 

     •We use a variety of water therapies to help bring tone 
     and health to the circulation and lymphatic systems 
     (and therefore, the rest of the body). 

Physical Medicine
     •We perform soft tissue and spinal adjustments, 
     fascial manipulation, ultrasound, diathermy, TENS and 
     other physical medicine treatments. 

Botanical Medicine
     •We offer custom herbal formulas and classes! 

     •We offer constitutional homeopathy. 

Nutritional Counseling
     •We can help you gently and compassionately modify 
      your diet. 

     •We are trained to offer counseling according to the 
     Acceptance and Commitment Therapy model. 

     •We have a variety of spa therapies including an infrared sauna and a Himalayan salt sauna. 

Our Services Anticipated 2019:

Ayurvedic Medicine:

Constitutional Assessment

     •We can do a comprehensive constitutional    

     assessment and help find key patterns and themes

     that may be influencing  your health.​  We can formulate

     a custom herbal blend to help optimize your health, as          well as provide lifestyle and nutrition advice.

Pancha Karma Treatment

      •A detoxification and rejuvenation therapy utilizing sauna and sweat therapies, herbal therapies, yoga practice, rest and relaxation, and a customized and personal cleansing diet that's just right for you.

Yoga Therapy

     •We offer both group Kundalini Yoga classes and      

    individualized, constitutionally selected yoga therapies based upon Ayurvedic yoga therapy.

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